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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 27, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we have had some storms ♪ ♪ new look. new style. new sears. come see our brand new side. at sears. five stories beginning with our region on alert after wild weather. we have your overnight forecasts you cannot miss. the plot to blow up metro and
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the local man behind bars. remember those water main breaks earlier this year. how they may cost you money now. a student killed at number game. did weather caused a deadly -- student killed at notre dom. some say their voter choices are being made for them. captioned by the national captioning institute >> we will begin on a storm watch as severe storms are in parts of the region. bob ryan is here with the first look at what to expect. >> we will be facing a much different problem during the day when we had a long amount of tornado watches and warnings. now that is clear. there is still areas in the
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lower eastern shore where there are some nasty storms continuing to move away from now on we will be seeing some dense fog here is where the damage is. this was one report of a waterspout. there were more serious storms down towards richmond, but things are winding down. there will be problems tomorrow morning with the fog. the a virginia man born in pakistan and a terror plot targeting the metro. how the fbi busted up a plan before anything could happen. farooque ahmed is under arrest. he wanted to bomb four metro stations and thought he was working with al qaeda. jay korff is live in ashburn. >> neighbors say farooque ahmed
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moved to this, about a year ago with his wife and child. today he was arrested at his home was raided on the suspicion he was plotting to unleash terrorism. >> the no-no's to is plotting something like this? >> residents are under that word that farooque ahmed is accused of planning to detonate explosives at four area arlington metro stations. is suspected targets were metro stops at courthouse, arlington cemetery, and crystal city. >> i am glad we got people like the law enforcement to read these guys out. >> in april he met at various hotels with men he thought were al qaeda operatives. the men discussed how to pull off a terrorist attack targeting
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metro riders. their weapon of choice was rolling suitcases packed with bombs. those operatives were undercover fbi agents. >> it is unbelievable that people will threaten to do crazy things. >> he wanted the attacks to unfold between 4:00 p.m. at 5:00 p.m. >> i am shocked. i never would have expected them. >> officials from the white house to metro to the fbi in assist the public was never in danger because farooque ahmed was being closely watched. the suspect remains in custody until his next appearance. we are monitoring a developing story from fairfax county. a deadly accident shut down northbound traffic on interstate 95. newschopper 7 was over the scene just south of newington. an suv overturned killing one
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person. investigators aren't investigating the cause of the accident. >> get ready to open up your wallets if you live in montgomery county. you can blame the water main breaks to get them to start charging you more for water. >> they provide water and sewer to more than 1 million homes between prince george's and montgomery county. the plan is to prop -- replace thousands of miles of pipes. that could mean residents will pay more. who can forget when or road truly turned into a river? from water problems to water restrictions, residents are hoping this is a thing of the past. >> they told us not to wash our
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cars. >> how much will it cost them to prevent this from happening again. this is why they have signed off on a proposal to increase water bills by 10%. >> we already paid very high electricity bills. everything is time. >> this family remembers being without water and are remembering the -- willing to pay more. >> if they are going to work on new infrastructure -- >> the washington commission has already proposed a similar increase, saying it is necessary to replace an old infrastructure. >> accidents cost more. >> it would add up to $5 a month to the average bill. >> it will be justifiable if they can spend it on something that will improve service.
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>> it would take 30 years to replace all the infrastructure. this would not happen until the spring when the county finalizes their budget. some say it would become a reality at a time when more people use more water. >> we are also monitoring a developing story from south bend, indiana. a student has died at notre dame. a 20-year-old junior from chicago died when a tower he was on collapse. he was on the tower filming football practice. the winds were gusting to 51 miles per hour. six days before election day in maryland. we are learning more about the candidates' plans if he does not become the next governor.
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of ehrlich says he is unlikely to run for public office again if he loses to martin o'malley. it made those comments on he was speaking to a retirement community in montgomery county. >> some of voting irregularities are already being reported a week before election day. an investigation is underway in nevada where harry reid in a fierce battle against sharon ankle. some voters say electronic -- angle. sharing and wiarron officials say they touch screens are a sensitive but there are no cases of intentional voter fraud. president obama truss to reach young voters with a sense of humor. he appeared on tonight's episode of the "daily show."' john has the latest on his
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message days before john stuart's political rally on the national mall. -- john stuart -- jon stewart. >> i feel confident it is a close race in terms of the house. you have close races all across the country. we will have to wait and see what happens. >> the president spoke to a radio host before appearing on the "daily show." >> i know i have disappointed you. >> in the final days a labor group uses fear. >> the republican leadership wants to raise your retirement age to 70. >> next time he sees a child he should apologize. >> in tight races like nevada, it is and assault on the ears.
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>> is there anyone harry reid has not consulted? he referred to president obama s. a light stand -- >> emphasis on the negative is not likely to ease. democrats are especially eager to get out the vote to stave off big losses. >> , up , -- coming up, the suspects former girlfriend takes the stand against a shawn relieve the child. >> michael jackson and a doctor and a smoking gun. it could help solve the mystery surrounding his death. >> while the weather has brought surrounding his death. >> while the weather has brought
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bob ehrlich's 24 years in politics. in congress ehrlich voted with george bush 90% of the time, protecting the special interests. as governor, ehrlich cut education, increased college tuition by 40%, and vetoed an increase in the minimum wage. and after losing his election,
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defense lawyers for the doctor accused of the death of michael jackson says they want medical items tested immediately. they ask for an urgent task for a syringe found in his mansion. liquids in one of the syringe as has already tried up. authorities say the doctor administered a lethal dose of a sudden deaths. conrad murray has pleaded not guilty. testimony against the accused person accused of murdering shawn relief aid. the former girlfriend of the man accused -- murdering shawn reallchandra levy. ingmar guandique told her someone tried to rob him. another witness said he got the
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injuries during a fight with his girlfriend. the student accused of operating a drug lab at georgetown university is back in their parents' custody. charles smith and john are returning home to their parents home. they have to wear monitored ankle bracelets. police arrested the pair on saturday. they were making a drug in the dormitory. new developments for the search of a girl who lost her leg to bone cancer. police discovered a prosthetic leg matching the one worn by the missing 10-year-old. it was in a brushy area a few miles from a former home of the girls stepmother. the stepmother is in jail after writing a fake ransom note. authorities don't believe the child is alive. well we have dealt with
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tornado warnings we are getting a closer look at the cleanup efforts across the south and midwest. we have the latest on the mess left behind. >> dozens of people have been injured and thousands of structural damage. there have been 34 tornadoes that have ripped through nine states. >> punishing winds cut a two- mile path through north carolina and knocking down trees and even lifting the steeple of this church. >> unreel, there is a mighty power ahead of us. >> i am lucky to be here. >> they winds howling up to 60 miles per hour in green bay and waves served -- waves surged 10 feet high. making the hum of generator is a
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welcome sound. >> everybody is going to places with heat and water. >> tornado watches have been triggered and north dakota have blizzard conditions. under the flights -- hundreds of flights have been cancelled and most are reporting major delays, but most are focused on what is still standing rather than all that is lost. >> i just thank god we are alive. >> flight delays are expected to continue to cause problems at airports nationwide for the next several days. some good-natured ribbing for a good cause in bethesda. the start of the halloween roast to raise money for the multiple sclerosis society.
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doug hill was there to poke fun's jim >> he is a pretty scary guy. it was a little roasting. we had everything today except roasting as far as the temperature, but the humidity was around. this time last night there were tornado watches out. one little waterspout. things are settling down. look at the late gwynns. this is the reason there is the dense fog because of the humidity. outside it is rather muggy. our average height is 64 degrees. look at the temperature is right now, 69 here. montgomery county, 70 degrees.
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here we are heading into november. the dew point are still in the 70 plus. here is what is going on. i will take you back to an hour ago. there was still that warning for montgomery county. finally these watches have gone down. on doppler all that is left are showers to our east. there is the line near dover and still some nasty showers. the goodness is it is hitting and out toward -- we will tap into some of our weatherbug sites. temperatures are still around 70 degrees. tomorrow will be an outdoor recess type of debt. the winds are really quieting down. that is the reason there is the dense fog advisory.
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here is what will be going on. let me show you the wide view. there is that spin in the atmosphere and that big storm. that cold front has swept through us, but the winds are very light. here is the local futurecast we will see the fog reform. there will be falk east of the blue ridge -- fog east of the blue ridge. the other thing we will notice -- here is the wind. the light winds from the southwest. as we get into tomorrow afternoon the winds pick up to the northwest. we will see some cooler air masses coming in. it will be foggy and clear. temperatures still above average. then a delightful afternoon. one more one day with light
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winds and then they begin to pick up. then we will have the cool air around for the trick or treaters. the aged next chance for anything -- there will be quieter rainshowers. one of water spout and no widespread damage around here. >> we don't want to scare the kids for halloween. take a closer look at keith fimian and his inspection business. fimian's former business partner said fimian lied, his record "built upon a fraud." his business sued more than 40 times. slapped with thousands in liens. its corporate status revoked. now we learn fimian signed a campaign pledge that protected tax breaks for corporations outsourcing jobs. fraud, failed policies. unfortunately, that's keith fimian.
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♪ ♪ from the styles you want... the foods you crave. even your favorite toothpaste. now, the things you love at target... are even better. save 5% off today and everyday... when you shop with your target credit or debit redcards. are you redcard ready? only at target. go behind the scenes at the big apple circus. what happens outside could be as exciting as the center ring. >> the redskins were back on the field today. they are starting to prepare for the lions. donovan mcnabb stocks about --
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talks about making and adjustments. the capitals blowing through to.
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start with hockey tonight because the taps started a three game road trip against
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the hurricanes -- the caps started a three game road trip. watch this, right up in front of the net. the rebound is loose. it was 1-0 washington. mike canoodle with the whisk her. nicholas backstrom cleans it up -- mike knuble. the caps beat carolina 3-0. the redskins went back on the field and as donovan mcnabb went back to work he was asked about having more interceptions than touchdown passes. i'm sure part of that is the new offense. he says you have to stay aggressive. the lines are favored in the game on sunday. how about that? brett favre said he will try to play sunday in new england
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despite the fractures in his ankle. he is going after his record 292nd consecutive start. how much of this is ego or competitive spirit? gilbert arenas will miss the was gurtz first two games with a sore ankle. three days ago he could not jump or put any pressure on the ankle. he will sit out tomorrow and saturday's game. >> we played a lot without him. he has played extremely well the last week. [unintelligible] if we don't have them, [unintelligible] >> the miami heat got their first win of the season. lebron james had 16. miami beat philadelphia 97-87.
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the giants up big on texas 11-4. >> brett favre is playing with two broken bones? >> the door is next.
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>> quiet whether, which tomorrow morning you will say [inaudible] tomorrow morning only about 60 degrees. a quick look at doppler. you can see finally those showers have moved out to the south. the next seven days it will be a delightful day tomorrow.
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in the mid 70's. then some cool stuff through the weekend. >> a good weekend it looks like. >> thanks for joining us tonight. women are charged 40% more for the same health insurance as men. domestic violence is treated as a pre-existing condition in eight states. women are abused by their husbands and then by their insurance companies. and last year they tried to end our coverage for mammograms and other preventive services. well i'm proud to say i got the law changed.
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